October 27, 2009

"The Path of Dreams" update

I've been writing a sequel to The Path of Dreams that involves time travel (from the year 1400 to the present and a year into the future) and a time loop (just one). Many key incidents happen again, albeit in a different order and for different reasons and involving new characters.

The sequel can more accurately termed a "second iteration." This required addressing some minor continuity problems in The Path of Dreams. In the process I found myself paying closer attention to the fundamental conflicts and made several other subtle but substantive changes.

"Road testing" a set of already-defined characters under different conditions and constraints turns out to be a good way of elucidating their underlying motivations.

I also added smart quotes to the web and ebook versions. I've updated the online, PDF, and LIT editions on my site and at Smashwords. I'll update the Amazon versions once I'm confident I've wrung all the bugs out.

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# posted by Blogger Joe
10/27/2009 10:38 AM   
Aren't you supposed to write sequels of blockbusters?
# posted by Blogger Eugene
10/27/2009 11:10 AM   
This is actually a product of the epiphany I discuss here. Having flushed the literary angst out of my system with my various first volumes, I've resolved to henceforth write nothing but audience-pleasing page-turners. Or at least try.