August 07, 2014

Poseidon of the East (31)

Choumei Palace (長明宮) is one of the  buildings of the Naiden (Inner Palace or Inner Court). It means "long light." The Inner Palace is the residential compound of the emperor (or the province lord).

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# posted by Anonymous Lims
Thank you for the chapter!
That meeting is quite creepy.

On the last page:

“I know, I know. Don’t cry. I can help you right now."
Should be "...I can't help you right now."
8/07/2014 10:02 AM

# posted by Blogger Eugene
Fixed. Thanks.
8/07/2014 1:23 PM

# posted by Blogger Aozora
Thank you for this chapter!!!
8/10/2014 5:29 AM