May 27, 2007

Chapter 1 (The Shore in Twilight)

Ryou'un (凌雲山), lit. "skyscraping mountain," the name for the mountains that house the palaces of the emperor/empress and province lords in each kingdom.

General Sei (青将軍) is better known as Kantai. See chapter 78 of A Thousand Leagues of Wind.

尭天 [ぎょうてん] Gyouten (high heaven)
慶国 [けいこく] The Kingdom of Kei (jubilation)
社真 [としん] Toshin (shrine + truth)
金波宮 [きんぱきゅう] Kinpa Palace (golden waves)
凱之 [がいし] Gaishi (victory song)
瑛州 [えいしゅう] Ei Province (crystal)
麦州 [ばくしゅう] Baku Province (barley/wheat)
宰輔 [さいほ] Saiho (ruler + help)
劉 [りゅう] Ryuu (ax)

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