May 28, 2017

Hisho's Birds (2)

I've posted chapter 2 of "Hisho's Birds."

The nashi (梨) or Japanese pear looks like a small yellow apple. The texture and taste of the fruit is rather like a European pear crossed with a fresh cucumber.
As a form of address, Shishou (師匠) is used similarly to Sensei (or "Master" in the wuxia context) though it is a rank higher. An instructor in a doujou is a "Sensei." The Master who runs the doujou is the "Shishou."

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# posted by Anonymous Lims
Thank you very much for the new chapter!
I did not expect any so soon.

It is very interesting to see some background on what Hisho's job entails
and why he is so conflicted and unmotivated for the coronation this time.

5/29/2017 3:32 AM