January 28, 2023

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/25)

I've posted chapter 25 (book 4) of Hills of Silver Ruins, a Pitch Black Moon.

Koushi (弘始) is the nengou chosen by Gyousou. The gengou (元号) or nengou (年号) dating system begins with an era name created specifically to mark the reign of that emperor. The year of the enthronement counts as year one.

Division strength in the Imperial Army is color coded as follows:

1 regiment (blue) 2,500 soldiers
3 regiments (yellow) 7,500 soldiers
4 regiments (white) 10,000 soldiers
5 regiments (black) 12,500 soldiers

There's a scene in SPY x Family (season 2) where Bond grabs Anya by the collar and swings her onto his back the same way I imagine Hien does with Risai.

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