April 23, 2008

The Path of Dreams (second edition)

The massively revised second edition of The Path of Dreams is now available. Readers interested in the adventures of Elly and Connor, or curious to see what happens when "home literature" runs headlong into the modern romance novel, are encouraged to explore the following options:

• Read the novel online (free).
Buy the book (this actually costs money).

Book Description

The Path of Dreams is a romantic fantasy arising out of the traditional Japanese practice of the arranged marriage. The matchmakers in this case are an Osaka samurai academic and a Scottish Mormon polygamist. The union these two 19th century raconteurs plot for their great-great grandchildren is one their descendants never could have anticipated, for this o-miai exists only on "the path of dreams."

Although they have never met before, a seemingly chance encounter leaves Elaine Chieko Packard and Connor McKenzie haunted by passionate dreams they cannot control. They determine to resolve the growing tension between the moral strictures of their religion and their own overpowering emotions by eloping, a decision that triggers an entirely unexpected series of events.

In the days and months that follow, they find themselves reliving--in dreams and reality--many of the same conflicts their parents and grandparents once did. They come to realize that their lives cannot move forward until they have attended to the unsettled obligations of the past. As the prophet Malachi commanded, they must "turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers."

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