August 31, 2022

Fox & Wolf

Yuki Yamakawa comes from an old yakuza family. She loves training dogs and beating up bullies for a more secret reason: she's a werewolf. But after one fight too many, Yuki's uncle sends her to Osaka's most exclusive girl's school to straighten her out.

There she meets her exact opposite, Ami Tokudaiji.

Ami is as high in society as Yuki is low. But with the family facing a financial scandal, the Tokudaiji fortune depends on Ami's mother participating in a shady real estate deal. Just as Yuki's estranged father returns to Osaka to lead a criminal investigation.

As it turns out, on her father's side, Yuki's blood runs bluer than any of her aristocratic classmates. Even so, that long-hidden family connection pales in comparison to the most fantastic fact of all: Ami is a kitsune, a Japanese werefox, and doesn't know it!

When they both end up in the same homeroom class at school, they'll have to stop fighting each other long enough to join forces against the mobsters menacing Ami's family.

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Family names follow Western convention, the surname given last. Long vowels have been shortened to a single character with no diacritics.

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# posted by Blogger Th.
11/19/2012 2:49 PM   

I have a project I sometimes work on (this will be a couple novels from now before I really get to it) that includes a Korean werefox. The were tradition from that neck of the woods is ripe.
# posted by Anonymous Lims
2/04/2022 4:25 AM   
I bought this on Kindle and really enjoyed it. It was easy to read and I liked the adventure and characters.